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i read an article once that tried to “analyze” why so many people hate anne hathaway. i think the reason is because she’s a woman who sticks up for herself and stands up against sexism

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Does this unit have a soul?

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Mt Davidson II | San Francisco





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I think we know why.

This made Atlanta news because it happened not far from where I live. It was only a few months after Sandy Hook and I just remember crying from relief when I heard about this woman and how she managed to prevent another tragedy through compassion and empathy.

How to Help Ferguson...


Spreading the word and calling out injustices is great (and I am not knocking that) but some people including myself were hoping to do something more tangible to help.

The Jennings and Ferguson-Florrisant School Districts, along with several local independent schools, have both postponed the…


Oakland protesters continue to march in solidarity with Ferguson, momentarily stopping at 14th & Broadway to let their presence be known.

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If you think this doesn’t affect you, you’re wrong.

If you think your rights will hold up where others’ have been taken away, you’re wrong.

If you think the right to peacefully assemble isn’t crucial in a democratic society, you’re wrong.

BREAKING: Ferguson Police Chief Admits Mike Brown Shooting Not Related To Robbery


The case around Mike Brown’s killing by a Ferguson police officer is only getting murkier.

After releasing images from a gas station robbery to the press Friday morning with the suggestion Mike Brown was pictured in them, the Ferguson police department is now backtracking. In a second press conference hours later, Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson admitted that Brown’s shooting was unrelated to the incident.

Jackson told reporters that Brown and a friend were in fact stopped, “because they were walking down the middle of the street blocking traffic.”

He also admitted that Darren Wilson, the officer who killed Brown, didn’t suspect Brown at the time that he stopped him.

When Chief Jackson was asked by reporters why his department chose to release the robbery tape if it was unrelated to the shooting, he replied that he had to because “the media asked for it.”


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